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Paramount OfficeParamount has evolved since 2000 from developing small business websites to now working with clients on a number of larger transaction based business websites and eCommerce platforms.


We have clients as far away as Canada, Thailand, Australia along with our predominant market Surrey and London. We are based in Purley Way in Croydon and have been at our current location for a number of years now.


We have a number of years experience in web development, eCommerce and process flows. WordPress and WooCommerce, standard industry technologies, allow us to design, build, support and develop tailored eCommerce solutions for our clients. Design and development is all in-house; we outsource none of our core services. However, where we do need to provide a third-party solution, we work with trusted, experienced partners and give full disclosure to our clients, keeping them in the loop and engaged in the process.


They way we assist our clients is by providing consultancy, ideas, energy and solutions which have a long term impact on them and their businesses. We take time to understand our client and their online business and business needs.


Many of our clients are long-standing too and we’re really proud of this. Some have been with us since the beginning and are still going strong. As their businesses have evolved, so have we. We’ve been there to support them along the way and we don’t blind them with science or baffle them with bullsh… well, you know.


Businesses come alive when they embrace web technology, it’s a fun, exciting and challenging place to be as it has the power to change everything. We constantly change the way our clients think about the potential their business has and we leave them feeling inspired and brimming with confidence.



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