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Making the best possible use of web technology we will develop a unique and bespoke online application that will streamline your day-to-day core business processes into one, easy to use, effective system that will transform the way your business runs.


How we’ve helped others:
For one client we combined all their office-based sales processes and their nationwide external sales force activities into one efficient, online system. Another client increased their online sales by 40% following the launch of their new system and, for another client, we combined multiple separate sales channels into a single online portal which saw their sales increase to £4m in two years.


The fundamental problem:
Many businesses are using a variety of systems, some manual, some software-based (online or locally) to run their business. They can be time consuming, inefficient, hard to train new staff on and difficult to keep up to date.


We really can help you:
Web technology can change everything.  Your business will flourish with a joined-up system designed specifically to work with your individual business needs and processes; one that is fully online, integrated with your website if necessary and becomes the single go-to place for admin, sales, stock, reporting etc.



Primarily, this answers the question; Why?

We also get to see if we’re a good fit for each other.


This will establish the nuts and bolts of the project’s very purpose and what it incorporates.

Design & Function

A document covering every aspect of Design & Functionality, leaving nothing left to guess-work.


At this point our development teams get their hands dirty and bring the project to life!


We have lift-off. Be prepared to transform the way your company works.


As your business and technology change, we will be with you all the way.

Call Paramount on 01883 330835


What our clients say about us

Martin Levy: H Blairman & Son


Paramount successfully and patiently guided us in the creation of a website that is visually arresting, easy to navigate, and simple to operate. We have been delighted by the reaction of our customers and colleagues. Paramount remained interested in the progress of our website and was always available to answer queries.

Mark Hynes: Wealth Strategies


Paramount invested considerable time and effort in creating the Wealth Strategies website. It was plan from our first meeting how important it was to them to truly capture what I wanted, rather than steer me down a route they felt more comfortable delivering. I was constantly impressed with your patience and drive to delivery a website I was totally satisfied with.

Ollie Martin: Takeshape Health


I would highly recommend Paramount. I have used their hosting and Content Management System for a number of years and have used their expertise and advice to completely redesign & build my website in-line with my developing business.

Claire Campbell: Recruitment Solutions


The Paramount team were always there to sort out any questions we had and took the time and patience to explain everything in plain English so that we were able to understand.

Alison Middleditch: Surrey Physiotherapy


We are thrilled with the professional and informative look and have very favourable feedback from our clients. The new website has already generated many new clients and is proving to be very cost-effective.

Office Manager: Glamox Luxo UK Ltd


Our eCommerce website has been live for more than 4 years now and had paid for itself time and time again.

Samantha Grover: Joanna Bird


Having Paramount at the end of the phone is fantastic. They are receptive and always available if needed being only a call away. The level of customer service is reassuring as the Paramount team is very competent and helpful with even the smallest problems.

Gary Streets: Colvin


Paramount was the third company we had commissioned to handle development of a content managed website in as many years and this was by far the most successful in terms of leads it generated. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paramount for development work.


(we’re a friendly bunch)

As a team we work more effectively and accomplish something much bigger than is possible as individuals.

With around 50 years combined experience working with Internet technology, our team brings a diverse and fascinating array of skills to Paramount that are, by extension, a valuable asset to our clients.

Together we plot, discuss, debate, outline, strategise and plan our way to creating the best possible solution for every client.

Let's talk about about how web technology will help you 01883 330835


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