Chefs XP : Online takeaway ordering in Thailand

About This Project

The Client

ChefsXP is the leading no markup food delivery service in Thailand delivering food from partner restaurants and groceries to homes and offices across the country.


The Challenge

The service originally operated within Bangkok but the owners wanted to roll it out across Thailand and needed the web-based infrastructure to facilitate this growth.


The Paramount Solution

We investigated the roles of all stakeholders – customers, restaurants and grocery suppliers, call centre and delivery staff – and provided a website that serves as the hub of the operation and automates as much of the business process as possible.

Customers were the first priority so we ensured a quick and easy buying experience on the site and are currently adding tablet and mobile interfaces to deliver even better accessibility.

Behind the simple user interface is a sophisticated unified system. By logging in, the call center staff can easily access, check and place orders with the relevant restaurant or grocers; delivery centers can arrange collection from the restaurant and deliver to the customer; and the company’s supply partners can review the orders they have received and access costing and payments due. Because the information is all held centrally, ChefsXP can view orders and financial data in detail or take an overview.



When the new site launched the improvement in customer experience resulted in an almost immediate 40% jump in sales.

Because all data is integrated, ChefsXP managers can run reports, which provide powerful insight into company performance and make informed decisions as they grow.