Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Gibbys Electronic Supermarket


Paramount works with the largest independent electronics retailer in Canada. They have been a client since 2005 selling across Canada from their bricks and mortar store in Ontario and online from their eCommerce platform.


During this time the eCommerce platform has outgrown previous incarnations now being solely built and developed on WordPress.


Within Paramount’s remit is both the customer facing element of the platform and the administration of the eCommerce platform.


Closely working with several staff members and management within the company Paramount is constantly improving the platform for both customers, staff and management.


Set-up by Paramount external feeds from the platform are imported to populate the product catalog and exported out to shopping comparison platforms and other shopping platforms including Amazon Shopping and Google shopping.


Markers can be set at various levels within the Gibbys catalogue allowing only certain products to be pushed to the shopping platforms along with pricing and shipping costs tailored to the specific shopping platform on which they appear.


Paramount has built a custom product edit screen allowing the updating and amending of products in bulk and management of sales and offer pricing.


Complicated product variations are managed with ease as are promotional pages within the platform highlighting products, brands or offers.


Flash pricing whereby Gibbys can offer products at a reduced price for a defined period is manageable at the product, category, brand and platform level to give full flexibility.