The Paramount WordPress Website Flight Plans

Flight Plans


Whether your business is reliant on enquires through your website or orders placed by customers on your website – the maintenance of your website is crucial.


How often do you maintain and test this source of enquiries, sign ups and orders?


Have you done so on an adhoc basis and found to your horror that either your contact form is not working or that you are unable to sign up as a customer or place an order – something which was working is now broken?


With the ever changing of software on the server on which your website is hosted, the changing of the operating system or browser on your customer’s PCs and the device on which they access your site – you cannot assume that because your website is working today and so it will be working a week today.


We take the pain away by providing plans to manage this for you and ensure that your website is always open for business.


We have three plans depending on the frequency you would like the tasks within each plan carried out and the depth to which they are carried out.


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