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25 Jan Paramount evolves

On January 25th 2015 Paramount evolved. Whilst the company name remains as Paramount Digital Marketing Ltd., our branding has changed to Paramount Web Technology and here’s why:

Concentrating on what we do best, and have done for clients in the UK, North America, Canada, Australia and Thailand, we are focusing our business on developing bespoke web-technology solutions such as those which have transformed many of our clients’ businesses over the past few years.

Each system is a unique and bespoke web-based application which will streamline the day-to-day core business processes into one, easy to use, effective system and will transform the way a business runs.

Many businesses are using a variety of systems, some manual, some software-based (online or locally-based) to run their core business processes. It’s time consuming, inefficient, hard to train new staff on and difficult to keep up to date.

For one client we combined all their office-based sales processes and their nationwide external sales force activities into one efficient, online system. Another client increased their online sales by 40% following the launch of their new system, and for another client we combined multiple separate sales channels into one online portal which saw their sales increase to £4m in two years.

A joined-up system designed specifically to work around the individual needs and processes of the business, one that is fully online, integrated with a company’s existing technology, and becomes the single go-to place for admin, sales, stock, reporting etc. will transform the way your business runs.

It’s a very exciting time for Paramount as we develop and expand our own business through working with others to transform theirs.

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